Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring 2017 U9 Schedule

Below is the schedule for Spring U9 Soccer.

Please be aware:

All of the regular teams (Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Real Madrid) always play from 12:00 to 1:30 at Pine Banks Park.

The 2 UpTeams (Benfica and Arsenal) may change location from week to week.  The exact times will be announced shortly.  Be sure to check the blog every week for time and location.  Most games will occur between at 10:30 and 12:00 and will either be played at Pine Banks Park or Amerage Field in Malden.


Since we lost a week due to weather, and will not play on Easter Sunday, we will play Memorial Day Weekend.

DateTimeFieldParkinglot SideStreet Side
Sunday 4/2/201710:30 (Early!!)Field 5&6Benfica (UP)Arsenal (UP)
Week 112:00 (Normal)Field 1&2BarcelonaBayern Munich
Field 3&4ChelseaLiverpool
Field 5&6Manchester UnitedReal Madrid
Sunday 4/9/201710:30 (Early!!)Field 5&6Arsenal (UP)Benfica (UP)
Week 212:00 (Normal)Field 1&2Bayern MunichManchester United
Field 3&4ChelseaBarcelona
Field 5&6Real MadridLiverpool
NO Soccer on Easter / Start of Spring Break
Sunday 4/23/201710:30 (Early!!)TBDBenfica (UP)Arsenal (UP)
Week 312:00 (Normal)Field 1&2Manchester UnitedChelsea
Spring Break EndsField 3&4Real MadridBayern Munich
Field 5&6BarcelonaLiverpool
Sunday 4/30/201710:30 (Early!!)TBDArsenal (UP)Benfica (UP)
Week 412:00 (Normal)Field 1&2Real MadridBarcelona
Field 3&4Bayern MunichChelsea
Field 5&6LiverpoolManchester United
Sunday 5/7/201710:30 (Early!!)TBDBenfica (UP)Arsenal (UP)
Week 512:00 (Normal)Field 1&2BarcelonaManchester United
Field 3&4ChelseaReal Madrid
Field 5&6LiverpoolBayern Munich
Sunday 5/14/201710:30 (Early!!)TBDArsenal (UP)Benfica (UP)
Week 612:00 (Normal)Field 1&2ChelseaManchester United
MOTHERS DAYField 3&4Bayern MunichReal Madrid
Field 5&6LiverpoolBarcelona
Sunday 5/21/201710:30 (Early!!)TBDBenfica (UP)Arsenal (UP)
Week 712:00 (Normal)Field 1&2LiverpoolChelsea
Field 3&4Real MadridManchester United
Field 5&6Bayern MunichBarcelona
Sunday 5/28/201710:30 (Early!!)Field 5&6Arsenal (UP)Benfica (UP)
Week 812:00 (Normal)Field 1&2ChelseaReal Madrid
Memorial DayField 3&4BarcelonaManchester United
Field 5&6LiverpoolBayern Munich
Sunday 6/4/201710:30 (Early!!)TBDBenfica (UP)Arsenal (UP)
Week 912:00 (Normal)Field 1&2LiverpoolManchester United
Field 3&4Real MadridBarcelona
Field 5&6Bayern MunichChelsea
Sunday 6/11/201710:30 (Early!!)TBDArsenal (UP)Benfica (UP)
Week 1012:00 (Normal)Field 1&2Bayern MunichManchester United
Last DayField 3&4ChelseaBarcelona
Field 5&6Real MadridLiverpool

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